“Ilett can sing and play beautifully. He’s an interesting talent, trying something new.  It’s in his DNA. So, you too should try something new and give him a listen.” – Gigslutz

Miserably brilliant. – Croydon Radio

Never has a Christmas song captured the Zeitgeist like this one. Misery laden, depression inducing brilliance. I’m off to get drunk. – The First 45

I’m currently working on a new album called “Wayward Fires” – an acoustic live release, with all brand new tracks.

They’re the best songs I’ve ever written, and I’m really enjoying the process of focusing on the songs, the singing, and the playing, rather than worrying about the production.

In the past, I’ve produced and played everything myself – drums, string arrangements, mix and master.

This album takes me back to what I first loved about music – the chance to communicate raw emotions by way of art in its simplicity. And it feels more authentic by shedding all the tricks and tools I’ve used in recent years.

I’m fortunate that I have the endorsement of some really incredible pro audio companies with which to record this, as well some talented individuals from the music industry who want to help me push the release.

Something Soon Has Got To Give - EP


Wayward Fires - album artwork

Wayward Fires